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Dog aggression is a severe issue that warrants immediate attention. Without assistance from those trained in canine behavior, the situation can quickly become volatile and dangerous for all involved. Professional help offers the best way to address dog aggression responsibly and ensure everyone’s safety.

Many dogs have a variety of aggression issues ranging from reactivity to possessiveness. Generally, these behaviors come from a lack of understanding on the dog’s behalf. A lack of clarity or guidance can lead to general outbursts from the dog as a result of them trying to find the solution to a situation.

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About Aggression Training Program

By entering this program, the trainer will begin by introducing the dog to their environment and building a strong foundation of trust between them. This ultimately sets up an atmosphere of safety so they can explore all that training has to offer.

With our guidance, your dog can begin their journey of successful habit formation and aggression management. From basic commands to marker terms – our professional trainers will provide clear communication paths for a positive outcome.

In the end, your trainer will spend 3-4 hours going in-depth with you on how to control, communicate and eliminate any unwanted behaviors moving forward with the dog.

Program Cost:
4 Week Aggression/Behavior Modification $4300
5 Week Aggression Behavior Modification $5300

Aggression Training Will Help Address

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