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Board and Train

Off-Leash Board and Training Focusing On Obedience

Come to Ridgeside K9 Tampa for a board and train program that will help your dog reach their full potential! We offer one of the most successful training programs in Florida.

From basic puppy obedience all the way up to advanced off-leash skills, we can get any pup ready for whatever life throws at them.

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Why choose a board and train?

Struggling to find the time and resources needed for your pup’s training needs? Our Board and Train program is here to help. We provide an ideal solution for those who lack in either area – whether you’re pressed for time or dealing with behavioral issues, our team of experts can get things back on track!

Program Addresses:

Dog Will Learn:


At Ridgeside K9 Tampa, we unlock your pet’s full potential with a specialized board and training program made just for them. Our exceptional packages are crafted to meet each dog’s unique needs, helping them learn valuable new skills that will lead to an enriched life filled with joy and contentment. From basic commands like sit or stay, we tailor the sessions based on the individual dog in order to give every pup their happiest possible future!

Our training can offer your pup newfound confidence and control in any situation. We strive to empower them with the skills they need for successful socialization on and off leash, as well as teach acceptable behaviors no matter where they are!

Program Cost:
2-Week Board and Train $2800
3-Week Board and Train $3300

Need Dog Training?

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Dog Training Services

Puppy Training

Establishing communication between you and your puppy is critical for learning to occur.

Aggression Training

Aggression Control packages start at 4-weeks and can go up to 6-weeks depending on the situation.

Board & Train

An efficient and effective way to obtain world-class control and obedience over your house pet.